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I read that there was a call recording class action filed, they record you and don't even tell you when you are giving them your credit card info, etc. which is totally illegal...

if you have been customers of this company, research class action filed in CA. I've had a really bad experience with them, I was researching on the internet on what else I could do regarding complaining about this company and ran into a Class Action Lawsuit filed in CA for illegal recording of phone calls.

I'm sure that we have been in the same situation with this company.

Product or Service Mentioned: First American Home Warranty Warranty.

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Im currently going thru the same situation as we speak.. We haven't had AC for almost a year..

1st the technician that came said it was an easy solution. Now thier saying we have to replace everything.. I desperately need advice cuz now they want to cash us out or we need to pay around 4,000.00 .. We jst got this house last Oct.

And i cant believe the problems we have now.. Any advice will help...please and thank you.. The technician that came cut our copper tubes and wielded them shut and left everything on the ground.. I have 2 lil girls..

That is very dangerous for them to be around.. And Mind you our copper tubes and everything were intact.

to Need Advice #1538047

The house you purchased last October had a faulty central ac unit. If you had a home inspector, he did not have licensing or experience in HVAC systems, or any other trade, for that matter.

The realtors use the scam of “home inspection” and “home warranty” to get homebuyers into this mess. Face the facts: after 10 months of no AC (and what about heat? If it’s a heat pump, you don’t have adequate heat either)you need to replace the system yourself. Take the small cash out they offer and cut loose from all of them.

Call out a different HVAC company and get a new system ordered. It sounds like you had a major system breakdown that would never have worked right even if patched back together. With new refrigerant types being mandated by the EPA, your old system would have compatibility issues even if repaired, or mismatched with new parts. Replace the entire system, even the heat.

The lifespan of a new system is only 10 years now; like everything else, new equipment is not made to last anymore. The warranty company would love to patch your system up, because: the contractor has to pay for it (not them) and do the work for what YOU will be paying out of pocket; and, they will hold you hostage, forcing you to renew your policy, because it WILL keep breaking down if you choose to repair it or mismatch the equipment. A new residential system should cost around $6,000-$7,000 regardless of size. Call several HVAC companies and get quotes.

Make sure to let them know you want the system inspected by the city and a permit bought in advance. That will ensure the work is done properly by someone reputable. They will want to charge more if you do that or some might not want to do the work at all. That’s ok.

Your best bet is to move forward and take care of your family, and learn from this situation. This is the fault of the realtors who use home inspectors and home warranty companies to confuse buyers, and maintain a high sales price on the house, which affects their sales commission. In the future, pay $75 for a service call from an HVAC company to inspect a house you are interested in purchasing. Also call out a plumber to look at the plumbing, a roofer to look at the roof, an electrician, etc.

A home inspector does not KNOW any more than you do, and he wouldn’t TELL you if he found anything major because he is recommended by REALTORS.

Their goal is to sell a house for as much as possible! Understand?


I have FAHW and waited 8 moths for any kind of resolution, this during the hottest summer here inSacramento, as well as a very cold winter. I am a senior citizen and have a disabled son, so this was doubly trying.

They kept send unqualified people, who actually made th situation worse! Now I have a new HVAC as of February 2018, but is not the same efficiency or energy saving as the unit that was in there!

My real estate agent says home warranties are the worst scam out there! I believe it!


I am ready to file small claims action. This company can be great "or" horrific! I, for the last two months, have been going around in circles over an electrical (dangerous) problem!


I am in the same situation with this company.


My son called First American Home buyers protection, as we live in Ocala, Fl and the home covered is in Lehigh Acres, Fl. My tenants had no water to the house. He was told they would call him back when they find someone. They called him back at 4:30 A.M. and told him to find someone as they had no one in the area to service the address. So he called Moon Plumbing, which came out and fixed the problem. I was told to fax the bill to them. And am still waiting for my money. I pay them $71.00 a Mo.

Thank you,

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