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First American Home Buyers Protection Corporation is a deceptive operation, after paying my monthly payment I needed repair on my furnace, they sent their company out that tried to fault a fifteen year old furnace that had been working as installation issues, then they requested me call additional company at my expense, who advised that it was normal wear & tear, this company suggested that the entire unit be replace, but now since I didn't file an additional now they can't pay for the warranty,which I am still paying my Premium too. by the way this occured during this last round of bad weather, and the issue is still not completed.

Product or Service Mentioned: First American Home Warranty Warranty.

Monetary Loss: $10100.

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Clearwater, Florida, United States #692395

On Wednesday, I get a frantic call from my client. The Ac had gone out on the recently purchased home. They followed the HOME WARRANTY OF AMERICA policy instructions and called Home Warranty of America. Twenty Four hours later, a technician from the preferred vendor arrived. His demeanor was less than professional and proceeded to tell my senior clients that Home Warranty of America never replaces anything. They will only repair air conditioners. .. also, the part will take 7 to 10 days to arrive so find someplace to stay. He continued, ”Too bad if you don’t like it.”

I called your customer service line and after holding for 15 minutes was advised the claim was denied due to cause of loss – power surge - was not covered. I asked for an escalation and was directed to Kirtsen who only worked 9 to 5 CST. Thursday 8/1/13 at 9am CST, I called again. This time I was connected to Amy in (Sales or realtor relations?)

Amy had a very pleasant attitude and empathized with our situation and advised that a new tech from a different company would come out for a second opinion sometime between 2 and 5pm.

I met my clients at the home and learned they had slept on the floor of their sold home last night. They are seniors, he has diabetes. They are on fixed incomes.

We sat in the hot house and waited. At 5:30pm, John from All Florida Appliance arrived. The first thing he noted was how the previous tech left both inside and outside ac components in pieces. John recognized that this was a covered loss and proceeded to get authorization from an “authorizer” . I tried to call Amy, but by then she had gone for the day.

I was on my way home when I got a second frantic call from my client. HWA advised they would only pay for the outside compressor or about $1000. The inside component was operational according to the representative 1500 miles away. It was in pieces from the first techs workmanship.

When informed of the current state of the inside unit, we were informed that Florida requires the inside air handler be replaced and because Florida requires it be replaced even when it does not to be replaced, Home Warranty of America won’t replace them due to Exclusion VII B. – which says when a state requires we maintain compatibility between components, we don’t have to pay for it. ….UNLESS you thought to buy this tiny endorsement for $25.00 because it was not enough that you bought the Diamond plan with all the boxes checked on the website indicating that the consumer had purchased the most complete home warranty plan in existence.

I called Amy back, She again apologized but there was nothing further she could do as she was now getting in the way.

So 4 days later. It is now 4pm on a Friday. The HOME WARRANTY of AMERICA that cost $450.00 has confirmed they will pay $1000 for the outside compressor, but we are required to pay the selected vendor an additional $2500 to replace the inside unit as excluded by the policy.

As Real Estate professionals, we are constantly working to maintain credibility and integrity with our clients. They trust us for advise and counsel. In three short days, Home Warranty of America ruined a client relationship developed and nurtured for over a year.


First American really sucks, they try all the way not to fix things that they need to fix. This is a really bad company, they don't deserve it. I would never buy from it again.

:) I have had the First American Warranty for three years now. I wouldn't think of not having it.

I've never had a problem with First American and would advise realtors to recommend them to home buyers whether for newer or older homes. If I moved, I will have a First American Warranty on that house as well. Everyone I've ever referred to this company have been extremely pleased.

Let's hope it continues. I believe that if anything would go wrong during a repair, FAHBP would step in and take care of it.

We are in the process of having our A/C coolent unit replaced.

First American stated the replacement unit costs $300.00 yet the contractor is trying to charge $700.00 for a variety of non-covered items.

To me, this is outrageous and First American acts as this is standard operating procedure.

We are getting scammed and First American is getting trashed by this contractor. These non-covered items are strictly profit to the contractor.

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