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called warranty company on thursday 7:30 am. stated that there was a plumbing leak and it was in the wall.

called again on friday, 9:30am. made the same statement and warned them of the secondary damage created by water leaks. they established the emergency status and stated a contractor would get back to us. called contractor that was assigned to the case on friday 4:30pm, the contractor stated that they don't work on assigned cases from thursday until the following monday.

called insurance company again..they assigned another contractor on an emergency basis. contractor to come out on Saturday. Saturday came and went contractor calls Saturday 5pm to say he will be out sunday between 3 and 7pm. we call insurance company and they assured us someone would be out on Saturday for this water emergency.

contractor shows up on sunday 6:45 pm to determine what was wrong so that he can get approval to repair the leak. his professional opinion was that we had a water leak, but he was not authorized to repair it today (sunday) because the authorization department was closed. we called insurance company 10:00am monday. they stated that they had not received the analysis of the problem from the contractor and would get back to us....they held us on the telephone for 45 minutes and told us that the approval has been made and that the contractor would be out to the property between 1pm and 3pm today (monday).

they stated that they are not responsible for any secondary damage caused by the 5 day water leak. we advised insurance company from day #1 that water is very damaging and that their suggestion to turn off the main water to the house is NOT A RESOLVE when people are living in the house. 5 calendar days to repair an emergency water leak fully covered by policy? No coverage for secondary damage to the property created by the continued flow of water as a result of the 5 day delay?

Sending a contractor out to assess the emergency without the ability to repair the leak and stop water damage? Suggesting turning off all water to an occupied house while they take 5 calendar days to assess the problem?

Product or Service Mentioned: First American Home Warranty Claim.

Reason of review: Not as described.

Monetary Loss: $5000.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

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The situation you’ve described highlights the absurdity of using any home warranty over simply calling a local plumber. The leak you discovered on aThursday morning could have been repaired on the same day if you had called a local plumber yourself.

All the damage could have been easily prevented by turning off the water to the home for a bit while the plumber is on the way. Why are home warranty customers in general so adamantly opposed to calling local, licensed tradespeople to help them? A few hundred dollars stands in the way of good sense! Yet thousands of dollars are wasted in vain trying to spare a few hundred dollars.

A reputable plumber wants to help resolve these issues and is at the ready, for a reasonable fee. A home warranty company is ready to do absolutely nothing, except take your money and cause you immense frustration. And yet in spite of page after page of complaints against them as all their brethren in the home warranty market, foolish consumers will proceed into the dungeons from which there is no escape, until they pick up the phone and call request legitimate help from an independent tradesperson. Why do consumers have such a fear of plumbers?

Why blows my mind is the trust that is placed in warranty/insurance companies instead!!!

Unlicensed, uninsured “handy”men and traveling gypsy con artists get more respect than a hard working, law abiding plumber. Mind boggling.

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