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First American Home Warranty - TERRIBLE. don't walk, RUN 1 of 1 people found it helpful
We had a nice KitchenAid dishwasher that went bad. They replaced it with a GE That was supposed to be comprable. After a couple of weeks and a visit from the GE repairman we found out that the dishwasher does not have a dryer in it. Now I have to take the dishes out of the dishwasher and dry them with a hand towel. First American Home Warranty said that because we accepted it online before we saw it we don't have to eat it. Not exactly their...
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We have a dishwasher that will not work because the water wont heat (known from the diagnostic code). The first person out reset the system and cleaned the filter claiming that fixed it. Before he left we even pointed out the water still felt cold 15 minutes in to the cycle. He claimed that the water was not supposed to heat up, which was a blatant lie seeing as the cycle was called "HI-TEMP Wash". sure enough 30 minutes after he left the...
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Since that time we placed a claim for a leaky dishwasher. Today is April 21, 2016 and they have not replaced or repaired my appliance. What's worse is that I paid the whole year up front. Every week I make the same phone call where I am put on hold for what seems hours at a time without a good response. The representatives on the line report that they cannot keep a customer on the line for more than 2 min. and have to transfer to a...
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It's a constant flow of excuses. We've had 7 repair men try to "fix" a 15 year old beat up dishwasher and spending at least $700 to try and fix. Finally got a new one "offered" and it was one that would NEVER work (not panel ready). So "rejected" and it took another 3 weeks to get the correct model and now it sits in our garage. Installer won't be by for 2 weeks so a record 9 months without a diswasher. Toilet was repaired by Quality...
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All I can tell you is DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH THESE IDIOTS. I have been trying to get my dishwasher repaired for 3 months. 3 tips out by Sears, 2 other *** companies that didn't follow up and now I am told it has been turned over to purchasing and that they have 2-5 days to make a decision. If you are looking for frustration, aggravation and problems with communication then this is the company for you. Do not buy a home warranty from this...
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Communication with this company is the worst I have ever experienced. Assigned resolution people do not return calls. Every time I call I have a 30+ minute hold. Have been trying to get my dishwasher repaired for 3 months. Last tech determined it probably would be cheaper to replace. When I called customer service they informed me it had been turned over to purchasing and I would hear from them within 24 hours. It is now 72 hours and I am...
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