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This company partners with the bottom feeder contractor companies.Be assured that if they repair or fix an item it will be done in the cheapest way possible using the cheapest materials/product possible. Read the contract fine print! You will find that you almost always have to pay for items "not covered" on top of the $60 per visit fee. Do yourself a favor and just set aside what you would have for the monthly fee and you will be better off.And...
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With my home warranty, I have to pay extra $1,004.00 + $60 for service fee, while I got a local AC company to fix this and it costed me only $850. So I called to First American Home Buyers Protection explaining situation and requested to have another contractor but they didn't accept. First American gave me another option that I can cash out with the amount is $237.38 which they paid for part is $162.38 and labor is $135. ($237.38 is the...
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I didn't like
  • Poor service by their vendors