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DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH THIS COMPANY!! First American home warranty has the absolute worst customer service I have ever experienced in my life!!

My water heater is leaking which I discovered in a Sunday after being out of town for a week. My garage is flooded and water is flowing all around a refrigerator and my furnace to say nothing of the pedestal the water heater is sitting on. I explained this in great detail to the person on the phone and they said that the soonest they could send someone out would be 1/15 - which was 8 days away. I explained again that there is water floooding my garage and lots of potential collateral damage could occur - to say nothing of not having any water.

They said they would continue to look for a contractor to come sooner and would call me back. On Monday after not getting a callback I called back 5 different times and was in hold for more than 2 hours before they found someone to come out. I got the distinct impression that if I hadn't continued to call nothing would have been done at all - they seemed to be perfectly content with me going 8 days without water. Someone did come out on Monday night and found that the water heater needed to be replaced.

I had the technician call American first to give them all the details of the needed repairs. American first agreed with the repairs but felt the price of the water heater was too much so they wanted to and a water heater to be installed and said they would send it to my house. I was told I would be contacted on Tuesday to have it installed. I took the day off work on Tuesday and waited for a call.

The call never came so I called around 10. The person I talked to said that they had called roto rooter and they did not have any record of a service at my address and did not even recognize the name of the plumber. I had to let them know they called the wrong roto rooter and give them the correct number. Why they couldn't call me and ask me when they first called the wrong company I have no idea - I really think that if I hadn't called they would never have done anything about it.

Regardless I spent all day Tuesday on the phone and on hold with American first. The huge problem was that their supplier would not deliver the water heater to my house and roto rooter did not accept deliveries at their office. Why didn't the person who answered the call and spoke to the plumber on Monday night know that their supplier didn't deliver to customers' homes? That seems unusual to me.

Anyway after multiple hours on the phone on Tuesday and missing a whole day of work I have found out that it will be three to five days before a new water heater can be installed.

I have no water and American first will not reimburse me for the 3-5 days I'm going to have to spend in a hotel. Thanks a lot American first!!!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: First American Home Warranty Homeowners Policy Claim.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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