Also running into issues with canceling the policy. Spoke to CS last week, was given the correct email address (double checked it against all other complaints left here), sent everything I needed on 5/22 and I still haven't heard anything. Explained over the phone that the reason for cancellation was because we've sold that home and my husband forgot to call to cancel before our policy renewed (5/21!) before he went out to sea. I was told by CS that it wouldn't be an issue, as you have 30 days of renewing to cancel with no penalty. My theory is that they are going to try to drag this out until the 30 days has passed and then tell me no refund. Jokes on them though- I keep notes and copies of everything!

Will be calling them again first thing in the morning!

(Oh, and just to add onto some of the other complaints: They really DON'T cover much! We had multiple issues at our house, paid the copay for them to send someone out just to have the contractor or FA tell us that it wasn't a "naturally occurring" issue and therefore not covered. We had a flood under the house, caused by a leaking pipe. They told us they wouldn't do work on the pipe until the flood was taken care of. The pipe was covered. But the flood would have cost us over a GRAND to have this same company come in and fix "properly!" There were multiple other issues too. The only time they came in handy was to fix our oven, and it only cost about half the price it would have without the coverage.

Also have to agree with the sketchy contractors! We were always told by FA that our copay needs to be paid in CASH to the contractor. Had someone come out to look at something, paid my cash, got a receipt... and then a bill a month later from FA! The guy had pocketed the cash so they tried to charge us twice! Conveniently after I flipped out at them they happened to mention we could do all the payments online (something that had never been mentioned to us prior- we were under the impression that all service requests were via phone and payments via cash. Imagine our surprise when we found ALL of those things online!)

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I am having trouble cancelling too. I was told 3 different things by three different people.

I sold my house 3 months ago and called them. They are still billing me.

Phoenix, Arizona, United States #1332958

This company is shady af. Cannot cancel service.

I cancelled within 3 days of signing up.

Please tell me there is a lawsuit I can get in on. This company has charged me for over a year.

Los Angeles, California, United States #1296684

I completely agree with you. I have been trying to cancel for a few days and keep running into problems. In fact, while searching how to cancel online, I was directed to a website that charges a fee for cancellation on my behalf.

Pensacola, Florida, United States #1288470

They will not let you cancel service, they say you have to cancel online, but the link they give you is false. If you use there main website there is no function for canceling service.

I had to try to use a cancellation service and it takes 30 days notice for them to confirm cancellation, due to first americans rules.

Odds are I'm going to have to get credit card company involved. This company may have helped in the past, but now specialize in not providing service.

Ottawa, Ontario, Canada #1256099

First American is a joke, as are other home warranty companies. They never cover the problem that you call about, only the ones you don't call about.

A complete ripoff.

I am going to the Insurance Commission in California and also to small claims court. I intend to make it as difficult for them as they have made it for me.

This is all over a bill for $135, after paying $65 per month for 2 years.

They are great if you don't have a claim.

San Francisco, California, United States #1199408

Running into issues with canceling the policy. Spoke to CS Today, was given the correct email address to Cancel.

Very strange.

Looks like this company still following AOL cancellation rules(no way to cancel) and making money by giving customer runaround. We all know what happened to AOL.

Houston, Texas, United States #997923

Glad I found this site. Have had 1st American for about 5 months.

First time I called the out was on the frig, the ice dispenser wasn't working. Tech came out and then told us that drink dispensers on the outside of the door wasn't covered.

This past weekend called about the A/C unit not cooling properly. A/C Tech comes out and tells me the unit is low on Freon, BUT I need to have my coils cleaned before he can put Freon in the unit and it will cost me $300.00 to do the cleaning.

Needless to say I will be cancelling my contract with 1st American first thing Monday.


FYI black people *quote *African Americans is not the only 1 they use to fix things. I had 2 Caucasians and they didn't do what they was paid to do. So let's not play the racial game if you want to blame someone put it were it belongs FA.


FA is a joke this the 1st company that I have ever seen like this. They do a lot of talking and nit enough backing up there wirds. Things would be a lot simple if they get the write people who no what they are talking about.


Never use first american home warranty. They never fix anything just African American Rig it.

If they do actually have to fix anything they end up charging you a ton of $$ to bring it up to "Code". Their cancellation policies are terrible. Their customer service is terrible.

They don't deserve anyone's business.

to Jake #878988


I understand your frustration with First American, however it is unnecessary to use offensive language in your review.

San Diego, California, United States #828239

They'll also tell you to cancel via fax or email. The email they give is cancel@firstamerican.com but it's really cancel@firstam.com.

The second is the actual address to do it but they miraculously won't receive it. They probably say the same thing about faxes. No one should use First American for anything but, if they are, NEVER give them your credit card for reoccurring monthly auto payments. They'll keep charging your card even after you cancel if you manage to do so.

I reported them to the BBB. I would encourage everyone that has had a problem with them to do so as it's very easy to fill out a form on the BBB website.

After I did that, FA got right back with me because the BBB gets in touch with them --and pretty quickly as well. This company should be on the blacklist with the BBB.

Flower Mound, Texas, United States #725997

This is the worst company I've ever had to deal with.I tried to cancel and could not cancel over the phone. CS told me the only way was to go online.

i tried going on line to cancel and their online site would not accept the cancellation. I called immediately aft they charge me for the month. The web site they gave was not working and not accepting the cancellation request. I feel this was all a gimmick to draft my account again.

Please use another company because its not worth the hassle and their CS is very rude and unprofessional . :cry

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