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August 8th still no AC and hot as the place the devil lives!

About a month ago my AC went out. I contacted First American and they found a contractor to administer the repairs. The unit need a new compressor. About 3 days after the visit from the contractor they got the okay from First American to start the work and the contractor "claimed" they ordered the part, it would be here in three days. Three days came and went no calls or updates from EITHER party. My wife called on day number 4 and the contractor told her that the part had not been shipped yet. The secretary blamed the parts vendor and said she was having it shipped out right away. I seriously doubted the problem was with the parts vendor. Instead of the contractor showing any kind of concern due to the fact my house is a constant 90 degrees and had the part shipped overnight, the contractor tells my wife it should be here Thursday of the following week. And the secretary makes it known that she was going to be out on vacation for two weeks! Enjoy those Piña Coladas while your at the beach!

We are now in the following week and the contractor is a no show and I had to beg First American for an update. I got the same song and dance I have got before. "We can't reach the contractor. We are emailing them for an immediate update. We are notifying your case manager to stay on top of this..." BLAH, BLAH, BLAH. To add insult to injury they are telling me that this is the only contractor in the area that work with AC problems. This is the part that REALLY angers me. There are of a lot of A list contractors in my area. I have a suggestion... STOP being so darn cheap and reach out to one of these other guys and pay them what they are worth.

You have a contract with me and you're telling me if the current mom and pop shop won't complete the repairs that I am out of luck? Then what the heck am I paying you for? You have no problem debiting my account monthly. This isn't a leaky pipe, or a broken dishwasher. I could deal with that. This is potentially a LIFE THREATENING situation where temperatures are soaring into the 100's. I have young children for crying out loud! With all due respect I don't live in temperate sunny California. If the temp here in Texas wasn't so extreme, I would make such a fuss. I am asking and pleading with you to do right by this customer.

This person wrote the review because of poor customer service of first american home warranty warranty from First American Home Warranty and attached a photo. Reviewer claimed that he or she lost $200 and wants First American Home Warranty to have the product delivered.

The most disappointing in user's experience was lack of concern, customer resolution, warranty and scripted responses. The author asks this business to immediately contact him/ her to briefly discuss his/ her negative experience with the company.

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Take a guess as to why First American doesn’t allow “A-List” contractors to resolve your repair. First of all, “A-List” companies would NEVER in a million years install an compressor for $200, including the compressor, the refrigerant, and the labor.

It is a $2000+ repair. The warranty company contractors are slaves. They are beaten into submission and sacrifice their reputation and decent business in favor of high call volume, low-cost work. They hope you folks with major repairs will go away, and they get to keep the service fee.

They hope your claim will be denied. If you wait on repairs, be prepared to really wait. Sometimes the wait is due to overs scheduling in order to handle the high volume, low budget requirements of warranty work. Think Medicaid clinic or health department.

High volume, because it’s cheap, and low budget because the dollars have been wrung out of the contractors’ pockets. The contractors wait weeks to get paid for your repair already, and they are cheated and threatened on every job. Other times the wait is due to the knowledge that the repair to your system is not going to breathe much life into a dead horse, and they are waiting for the seasons to change, literally! Another reason for excessive wait times on repairs is that the contractor is going to lose a lot of money doing your repair.

They actually have to pay full price for the parts and their employees’ payroll, and then sell their goods to the warranty company for pennies on the dollar. All while the customers are berating them, threatening them, and harassing their employees. If they could wave a magic wand over your system, they would. If money was waved, it would make a difference.

The customers mistakenly think the contractors are charging lots of money. Even when this is explained, it does no good. It’s gimme gimme gimme. Health problems, kids, old people, asthma, mold, aches and pains, wah wah wah.

If you signed up for this, and didn’t read the reviews, shame on you. If you read the reviews first and had your doubts, but did it anyway, you get what you deserve. Window units and space heaters will solve your problems.

You know this—you’re grown. Handle it.


Wow, you're singing my song! My AC went out in July -also in Texas- and I went TWO MONTHS!

Horrible company, but really good at the runaround!

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