I had two occasions when I needed a plumber - in a hurry! The same plumber was sent by First American, and I paid him my $60 fee as contracted with the protection plan but he was totally worthless!

I had a clogged toilet, and he had brought his 8 year old son with him, whom he would send out to his truck to fetch supplies. Its okay to bring your kid to work and all, but not an 8 year old to use as a "gopher". The plumber looked at the toilet, but he didn't do anything. I asked him if he planned to at least snake the drains - like the shower which was also draining slowly.

He told me there wasn't room under the drain to run a snake. So I showed him the mail clean out for the pipes; he didn't do anything at all. He said something about snaking it wouldn't help and I needed a new toilet!

Well, the clog ended up clearing itself with repeated flushing, but this guy is worthless. This is a small town, and when I asked First American if they contracted with any other plumbers, the person I spoke with said she "didn't have access to that information." I'm going with another company this year!

Product or Service Mentioned: First American Home Warranty Warranty.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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