Had fahw send out a tech because a/c not cooling. He called fahw and said unit should be replaced but was told no, added Freon and it cooled for 3months, called and sent someone from Quantum Tech, came out said air handler had to be replaced.

Called Quantum and was told the guy who came wasn’t a tech just an estimator,, then told me they had to get s P.O. to get the part, 2 weeks went by, no P.O., Brian (someone higher up with Quantum) said we had to remove the door and ladder so they could get access to it or pay them $250 for them to do it. Called fahw and they said that I Brian told that the parts would cost me $1,550., I told them Whaaaat, and they it’s in the contract that parts aren’t covered! I told her Im canceling the contract and she said I had to fax over the request.

I told her no that I wasn’t spending anyore money with them. Then, s woman contacted me and said they were sending a “cash out” check to cover the cost of the air handler unit, guess what, no check and guess what else, email address isn’t correct! Oh I forgot to tell y’all I pd to s cancellation co that they gave me the # to cancel $35. and when the woman called about the check they are sending I told that I had I had cancelled and had to pay to cancel she said they do not show I had cancelled and they don’t use a company to cancel!


Do not use them and I hope people that need a warranty company look at the reviews so they won’t call them! I should practice what I preach

Product or Service Mentioned: First American Home Warranty Air Conditioner Warranty.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

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