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Update by user Feb 23, 2017

Well, after 4 months and 3 denials of hashing it out with FAHW, I still have not gotten any repairs done through this home warranty! To add insult to injury, they threatened to put my $65 service fee for their plumber, Modern Plumbing and Backflow, into collections if I didn't pay!!!

I paid it and told them to never contact me again! Bad business = no business from me!!!

Update by user Nov 28, 2016

Anyone interested, here's what I've found about a pending class action against FAHW. http://uphelp.org/sites/default/files/2014-10-09-consolidated_class_action_complaint-ecf_115_1.pdf

Informative reading that may shed some light on your frustrations.

Original review posted by user Nov 15, 2016

I would like to join you in a class action against FAHW. The reason being is that they are falsely advertising what they say they cover.

I closed on my house 17OCT2016 and moved in that day. The seller's purchased this warranty and it was transferred to me during the closing. I felt good knowing that I had extra security in the purchase of my 1997 built home, but was I about to be shockingly alarmed.

I used the bathroom in the MB on 17OCT2016 and noticed a leak from the tank and turned the toilet line water shutoff off. When I came back to diagnose the toilet problem Sunday 23OCT2016, I turned on the water shutoff and had the toilet line CPVC pipe break on me just behind the wall! I went to the crawl space to see if I could find the house shutoff and barely was touching another waterline when that line snapped too! I had to shut off the water at the meter box at the street. To my chagrin and horror, the water soaked the MB new carpet, pooled downstairs through the ceiling of the front door foyer, and soaked the wood flooring and new carpet downstairs in the living room.

To make a long story short, FAHW sent their plumber out and their plumber told me that he hated working on CPVC because the lines are difficult to repair due to brittleness with age. He wrote up the damage order and sent it into FAHW. I checked their website 2 days later only to find out then that they had denied my claim stating that the plumbing company said that I broke the lines and this is not normal wear and tear. I called them repeatedly to plead my case to them how their brochure and their website states that their basic plan covers "coverage of unknown conditions" and "Plumbing System (includes polybutylene piping)". The seller's had purchased the "Eagle Premier + Sellers Coverage" for the house to transfer at the closing to me.

I'm now fighting it out with FAHW still for them to honor and do what their warranty claims. I filed a claim with the NCDOJ and they have sent FAHW a letter to see what they will do to resolve this issue. The latest (02NOV2016) is that FAHW wanted me to get a licensed contractor to send a report to me stating that CPVC brittleness is due to normal wear and tear. Not only did I find one, who wrote them the report, but 5 different plumbers telling me that this is a known issue with CPVC, as well as FAHW's own original plumber! The company that wrote the report for me said that's why they have their customers sign a waiver before work begins in order to inform them about the issues with CPVC! I'm still waiting to hear what FAHW will do... So... DO yourself a favor folks! Avoid doing business with this company at all costs and save yourselves the aggravation and headache!

SO, if you want someone else who will be part of the class action against FAHW, count me in!

RH of NC

Product or Service Mentioned: First American Home Warranty Homeowners Policy Claim.

Reason of review: Warranty issue.

Monetary Loss: $8000.

Preferred solution: Deliver product or service ordered.

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home warranty co.s are all rip-offs.

Palm Springs, California, United States #1245034

We are right with you !!! 100% a joke, top to bottom.

Their contractors are 100% incompetent and will NOT stand behind ANYTHING, work on ANYTHING, always an excuse. The warranty came with our home purchace 4 months ago. We have 3 water leaks and one of them is leaking between the walls, causing water damage..... on and on.

NO RESULTS !!!!!!!!!!!! Called a 'real' plumber and he is here johnny-on-the-spot fixing it all with NO wait time !!!

to Anonymous #1245047

Post your complaint on Yelp! on First American Home warranty business site.

I got a call back who is reinvestigating yet again! Also have an interest from a local troubleshooter reporter who wants to do my story concerning this bs!

Class action anyone? Lol.

Dallas, Texas, United States #1242265

I will join you in a class action law suit. My home was foreclosed on May5, 2016.

I called several times, I sent emails several times, I went to the sites cancellation email and as of November 9, 2016 first American is STILL taking the monthly fee out f my bank account even though they were told NO.

When does No not mean NO? I am a terminal ill widow on social security and they are taking out $61.00 a month without authorization.

to Anonymous #1245051

Try calling your bank or your state attorney general office. You may have to close down the account and open a new one. Either way, they need to stop fleecing you if you've told them NO in writing to stop fleecing you!

to Anonymous Roseburg, Oregon, United States #1263916

File a dispute with your bank. The bank will contact FAHW to get their side of the story and will act according to their findings.

You have a very strong case against FAHW and I have no doubt that your bank will stop FAHW from continuing charging your account. In fact the bank should make it effective the date the date that you informed FAHW that you were cancelling your contract with them.

I'm not sure, but you should get some money back from FAHW! Good luck!!

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