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I have had problems with my heating and air for about a month. First they send out a tech from 1 1/2 hours away after 3 days and they deny the claim.

He claimed they found no leaks. I pay out of pocket. The problem returns that day. I call the next day.

At first they try to claim that it is a different issue, when clearly it is the same problem and I am hiung up on. I call back and they say that they will send another tech. 5 more days later he finds the leak. They apologise and say they will refund my money.

That was 2 weeks ago. I received a letter in the mail within 3 days stating I was going to be refunded what I paid. No check yet. The unit stops working again.

This time they say I need a new unit. But it will cost me $1200 in what they wont cover. Pay to recapture freon (that can and will be resold) Pay to dispose of unit (scrap metal in unit worth about $300) Yesterday I received my letter from them explaining coverage. Dated July 3rd.

13 days in the mail. Still no refund check BTW. I could only find 1 item that I am dealing with that the form says they wont cover. This company is a scam.

I warn all other veterans to not use them. They lie and try to not pay what they are supposed to pay.

Review about: First American Home Warranty Warranty.

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